From the moment I learned that agamas, specifically the blue-headed tree agama (Acanthocercus Atricollis) were in my area, I wanted desperately to see one. What an amazing little reptile, especially if one is lucky enough to see a male species during mating season. That’s when it typically takes on the brilliant colors (although it is also reported they get colorful when feeding and when very hot).

Unfortunately, I’m still waiting and hoping. The top picture is compliments of Kelsey G., a fellow PCV who lives at the far north part of Limpopo province. (Check out Kelsey’s blog at for another first-hand account of life-in-South Africa-as-a-PCV.) Pretty sure I recall that she saw this fellow in her village, and possibly in her yard. How fortunate.

I, on the other hand, did manage to find the remains of a small agama (bottom picture). I found the little skeleton in the field just behind the primary school. One student who happened to be passing by said he sees a lot of these around the village. Really??

By the way, mating season is March to May. That means I still have a chance to see one in full color before I leave. I may have to spend a bit more time outside.