Filling bottles with “good” municapal water at school water tap.

Lest you think the water tap at school is “in the kitchen” — not.

John and I harp a lot on poor water conditions (that is, lack of potable water). However, when most days average 90+ degrees and we attempt to stay hydrated with something other than colas, accessibility to drinking water becomes rather important.

The good news is that we can get some water from our yard. It comes from a bore hole (well), and we limit its use for laundry, bathing and washing dishes. It is not suitable for drinking as it contains too many minerals and the well source is located just a little too close to the pit latrine for our comfort.

The closest local access to drinking water has been turned off for several months. The next closest location is too far away for us to walk and carry back any significant amount of water (oh, for want of a wheelbarrow).

Our current solution is for John and me to each take two 2-litre bottles to school with us each day and return home each afternoon with filled bottles. By doing this we can stay just ahead of amount needed for drinking water.